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Joe Rogan Talks Conor McGregor’s Chances In A Fight Against Nick Diaz

How does UFC commentator Joe Rogan see a fight between Conor McGregor and Nick Diaz playing out? Well, it ain’t exactly promising for the Irishman. The rivalry that has blossomed between the UFC’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor and the veteran Nate Diaz is among the most heated and ultimately entertaining in UFC history. Between their first meeting at UFC 196, …

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Fighter Of The Week: Eddie Alvarez

In this week’s edition of Pundit Arena’s ‘Fighter Of The Week’, we’re going to take a closer look the ‘Underground King’ himself, Eddie Alvarez. Eddie Alvarez is just not like most fighters. For many, the road to the top of the MMA game consists of a steady rise and sometimes years of obscurity. Alvarez, ever since his early twenties, has known nothing …

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Watch: Brendan Schaub Makes An Undeniable Argument For Eddie Alvarez As A Future Hall Of Famer

The former UFC heavyweight and popular MMA personality Brendan Schaub recently made a very strong argument for the inclusion of the lightweight legend Eddie Alvarez in the UFC’s Hall of Fame. Eddie Alvarez’s stock took something of a hit following his destruction at the hands of the reigning lightweight champion Conor McGregor at UFC 205, but for those in the …

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Daniel Cormier’s Brilliant Response When Asked How He’d Fair Against Anthony Joshua

Well, this was rather refreshing to see… In the midst of the Conor McGregor era, MMA seems to have lost its way somewhat with fighters becoming increasingly obsessed with ‘money fights’ rather than championship belts. Several divisions have now been stalled by champions waiting for blockbuster fights rather than taking on the respective number one contender and, with Conor McGregor …

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Watch: Dana White Drops Seriously Worrying Update On Mayweather/McGregor Negotiations

UFC President, Dana White and Floyd Mayweather have been speaking to TMZ on where negotiations for the potential mega-fight between Conor McGregor and “Money” himself are.  White has given fans an update which included his thoughts on Mayweather recently openly admitting that McGregor could beat him in the highly touted boxing match. The undefeated boxer had been speaking in front …

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