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Brendan Schaub On The Exact Moment He Stopped Hating On Conor McGregor & Became His #1 Fan

The popular podcast host, former UFC heavyweight and self-proclaimed Conor McGregor fanboy explained the exact moment his hatred for the Irishman stopped. He might have been a mid-tier fighter during his stint on the UFC’s heavyweight roster but for someone whose time actually competing was pretty mediocre, the post-fight career of one Brendan Schaub has seen him transform himself into …

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Watch: Celebrate Paulie Malignaggi’s Birthday By Watching A Selection Of His Finest Highlights

Paulie Malignaggi turns 37 today and for that reason, the time seems perfect to take a look at some of his finest moments inside the ring. Paulie Malignaggi may well be in the headlines for the wrong reasons a lot these days following on from his controversial sparring sessions with the UFC’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor ahead of his boxing …

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Watch: Joe Rogan Sends Brutal Warning To Malignaggi About Beefing With MMA Fighters

Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub have given a pretty blunt description of what would happen if Paulie Malignaggi found himself taking on some of the UFC’s top featherweights in MMA. Just prior to last month’s record-breaking boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, both men were undoubtedly seen as the biggest pay-per-view draws in their respective sports and perhaps …

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Watch: McGregor Breaks Down How The World Will React After Mayweather Lies Unconscious

Conor McGregor took part in an excellent interview where he broke down how the world will look after Floyd Mayweather lies unconscious Saturday night. Only a matter of hours remain until we can finally sit back and enjoy the fight that has literally been months in the making as Conor McGregor attempts to achieve the impossible by handing boxing superstar …

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Watch: Conor McGregor Jokes About The Idea Of A Half-Octagon/Half-Ring Arena For His Future Conquests

Conor McGregor came through with an idea straight out of the left-field during tonight’s final press conference with Floyd Mayweather and it gives a real insight into his future plans in combat sports. Today’s final Mayweather/McGregor press conference was something of an underwhelming affair, all things considered. Despite the appetite from those interested for yet another crazy encounter between these two juggernauts, …

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