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Watch: Owen Roddy Releases His First Video Insight Into Conor McGregor’s Heavily Guarded Fight Camp

SBG Charlestown’s Owen Roddy has released the first in his long-awaited series looking into Conor McGregor’s ongoing fight camp ahead of his showdown with Floyd Mayweather later this month. Conor McGregor’s preparations for his upcoming boxing match with the legendary Floyd Mayweather have garnered him just about as much media attention as any of his UFC wins to date but …

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Twitter: Coach Kavanagh Has A Cheeky Pop At Mayweather Over His Issues With The IRS

In mid-June, Floyd Mayweather Jr. made a pretty cringe-worthy video in which he laid out what he called the ‘Mayweather Challenge’. “The ‘Mayweather Challenge’ is when you’re really living it, when you ain’t fronting and you ain’t lying to the people, when you’re really living the real lifestyle that you say you’re living,” said the former pound for pound king …

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John Kavanagh Gives His View On A Third Diaz-McGregor Fight, Possibility Of It Happening

Nate Diaz

Though the August showdown between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather has set the sporting world alight, many have been left wondering what it means for Conor’s future. A remarkable sojourn in boxing is all well and good, but does it herald the end of McGregor’s fighting days? Luckily, his coach and head of SBG Ireland John Kavanagh recently stated in …

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A 2013 Interview About McGregor’s Unorthodox Boxing Should Seriously Concern Floyd Mayweather

Paschal Collins, the brother of famed Irish boxer Steve Collins, gave an almost prophetic interview where he predicted Conor McGregor’s successes in America and gave some very interesting insights into his skill as a boxer. Conor McGregor’s ascent to the very peak of the MMA game more than likely came as no surprise to him, given his incredible self-belief and …

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Exclusive: The Unbeaten James Gallagher Promises A Jawdropping Performance At This Weekend’s Bellator 180

Ahead of his Bellator 180 matchup with Chinzo Machida this weekend, SBG Ireland’s unbeaten rising star James Gallagher spoke to Pundit Arena in an exclusive interview and gave us an insight into why exactly he feels ready to break on through to the next level of his already impressive career. One of 2017’s biggest cards, Bellator 180, has been scheduled for a …

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