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‘Wrestling Skills’ Aside, There Are Three Simple Reasons Mayweather Would Be Humiliated By McGregor In The Octagon

The worlds of boxing and MMA collided last year when Conor McGregor made his boxing debut against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather in what was more a money-making circus than a pugilistic¬†classic. The UFC star who has made his name and fortune from his sledgehammer left hand sought to upset the world and hand the best defensive boxer in a generation …

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Floyd Mayweather Pegged As Big Underdog In Hypothetical MMA Matchup With CM Punk

The odds for a hypothetical MMA match-up between boxer Floyd Mayweather and pro-wrestling superstar CM Punk have been revealed and the resulting figures may come as a surprise to most. Last year, when the worlds of both boxing and MMA were both turned on their respective heads to allow the insanely lucrative meeting between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor to …

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Watch: Members Of The Mayweather Gym Weigh Up Floyd’s Chances Against McGregor In MMA

Various members of the Mayweather boxing gym gave their predictions on how exactly a mixed martial arts bout between their man Floyd and the UFC’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor would go down. With us now well into February, we are approaching exactly six months since the worlds of both boxing and MMA grouped together for one night as the each …

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Actual Odds Have Been Released For A Mayweather Vs McGregor MMA Fight

Despite the fact that it will almost certainly never happen, there seems to be a growing interest in Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather actually squaring off inside the Octagon. In recent weeks, Floyd Mayweather has dropped several Instagram posts teasing a potential MMA debut while Conor McGregor has continued to trade shots with the undefeated boxer on Instagram. Although most …

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