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Actual Odds Have Been Released For A Mayweather Vs McGregor MMA Fight

Despite the fact that it will almost certainly never happen, there seems to be a growing interest in Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather actually squaring off inside the Octagon. In recent weeks, Floyd Mayweather has dropped several Instagram posts teasing a potential MMA debut while Conor McGregor has continued to trade shots with the undefeated boxer on Instagram. Although most …

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Watch: Dana White Finally Reveals The Truth Behind The Mayweather-UFC Rumours

Although Conor McGregor stepped into Floyd Mayweather’s domain in August and competed in a professional boxing bout against the undefeated 40-year-old, we will not see Mayweather return the favour anytime soon.  There had been strong rumours circulating in recent weeks linking Floyd with a sensational foray into the UFC octagon, however, that fairytale has been put to bed by the …

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Chael Sonnen Explains Why Floyd Mayweather Will Definitely Fight Again

In the fight game we never truly know what is right around the corner. Who would have ever thought we would see the showdown between boxing and mixed martial arts respective biggest stars in Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor which took place in August? That unprecedented and monumental event was a spectacle which had the entire world watching and talking. …

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Darren Till Rips String Of ‘Embarrassing’ UFC Fighters For Calling Out Floyd Mayweather

Darren Till isn’t one bit impressed by the string of UFC fighters who have rushed to call out Floyd Mayweather. At just 24 years of age, Darren Till is already being talked about as a welterweight title contender and a potential UFC superstar. Given his loudmouthed and brash style, the Liverpudlian has also been compared to Conor McGregor on countless …

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White Says Mayweather Legitimately Wants To Make A Deal With UFC – Rogan

While most assumed that the boxer was merely posturing, veteran UFC commentator Joe Rogan says that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is seriously considering a trip to the octagon. And who is Rogan’s supposed source for this information? UFC president Dana White. On several occasions during the summer’s weird, wild, and sometimes wonderful MayMac world tour, Mayweather suggested that he would be …

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Mayweather Claims A Jump To ‘Barbarian Sport’ MMA Could Make Him A Billionaire

During a sometimes offensive, often bizarre online Q&A recently, Floyd Mayweather Jr. teased fans with the idea of a run in MMA that he claims could move him from the obscene multi-multi-millionaire category to billionaire status. The once again supposedly retired boxer isn’t exactly short of a few shillings after he welcomed Conor McGregor across from the opposite side of …

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