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Crystal Ball of Magic – Tony Pulis Does It Again

Crystal Palace pulled off the impossible this season, avoiding relegation when after the first ten games of their arrival back into the Premier League it appeared they were going straight back down with a whimper. Survival beckoned, all of course made possible by the man from Newport, Tony Pulis. Like a redeemer salvaging a mediocre collection of tools and turning …

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Manchester United Fans Are Highlight Of A Bad Season

From the ‘Chosen One’ to the one to forget, Manchester United fans didn’t really have much to cheer about during the season. However, Aodán Mitchell argues that there is one positive to take away and that is the fans themselves. Over the years Manchester United fans have been called a lot of things, boring, quiet, lifeless, smug, glory hunters ‘the …

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Five Things Arsenal Need to Become Great Again

This Saturday’s FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Hull City is arguably more important for the Gunners than their Yorkshire opponents. It has been almost nine years since Arsenal won a trophy, and time is running out for Arsene Wenger. Here are five things the North London club need in order to return to past glories. 1. A New Manager Arsenal have the …

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The Week That Summed Up The Premier League Title Race

They say a week is a long time in politics but rarely could the same saying be applied more aptly to the Premier League title race. The battle for the title has taken many twists over the last few months with none more predictable as Arsenal’s implosion and none more unpredictable than Liverpool’s renaissance. However, when all is said and done, the …

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The Beauty of Liverpool’s Glorious Defeat

“Marge…sometimes the best defence is a good offense” – Homer Simpson As Marge Simpson implores her husband to drive defensively as he weaves his way through traffic while running late for a Monster Truck Rally, Homer’s retort gives an insight into contrasting life philosophies. We are all on a journey in life – for Marge, arriving at the destination is the goal, for Homer…well, …

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Crystal Palace: The New Face Of English Football?

One of the most exciting games in English football history took place this week, with Crystal Palace securing a remarkable comeback against Liverpool at Selhurst Park. Liverpool were cruising 0-3 with less than 12 minutes to go. The Premier League title was going to the final day of the season, or so it seemed. What took place next was quite remarkable. A  …

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