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Watch: When Paul O’Connell Highlighted The Brilliance Of Owen Farrell In The Lions Dressing Room

Owen Farrell was just 21 years of age when the Lions went on their 2013 tour of Australia. However, according to the now retired Paul O’Connell, Farrell was already a squad leader.

It is certainly rare to see an Irishman showing an Englishman such admiration in the game of rugby but, when it comes to the Lions, national identities are often tossed to the side as Britain and Ireland become one team.

Paul O’Connell was the 2009 tour captain for the Lions and, although Sam Warburton was in charge for the 2013 trip to Australia, it seems the Irishman found it hard to shake his inclination to lead.

Speaking during his final Lions tour, O’Connell spoke of his amazement at the level of drive and dedication in the young Owen Farrell, even stating that he was setting an example for the most senior members of the squad.

I think it’s funny that one of the youngest guys on the team, O Farrell, is the one that’s driving everyone on though. Ya know, we all need to add that extra little bit to our game lads and become a team and push each other around the corner all the time. Push each other to get off the ground. Every little thing we do.

The guy is 22 years of age, barking at everyone, driving everyone around the pitch. We should all be f*cking doing it.

Check out some of O’Connell’s most inspirational words with the Lions in the clip below;

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