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Drake Slays Snakebite to Clinch First Kenley Cup

Kenley Cup

They say that in life three things are guaranteed; you live, you die and you pay taxes, well in the Kenley Cup, sponsored by Funmanway Zorbing and M & P O’Sullivan Cash and Carry, there is only one constant and that is that there will always be a fiercely competitive rivalry between players from the City and the South East …

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The Good Wall: How It Should Read

2015-08-13 10_37_00-The Good Wall _ Second Captains Live _ RTÉ Two - YouTube

One of the most controversial rankings in Irish sport easily beating 50th in the world in Soccer or 2nd in Rugby Union is the ranking of Ireland’s greatest sporting heroes maintained by TV and Podcast show Second Captains. Never could they have envisioned it would become such a hot topic of debate. So with great trepidation, below from 10th to …

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LeBron James Inks Movie Deal with Warner Bros

LeBron James usa

LeBron James, one of the biggest sports stars in the world, has signed a deal with Warner Bros which covers “projects in TV, film and original digital content.” Space Jam is one of my favourite sports movies ever made, and it now looks like LeBron could be following in Michael Jordan’s footsteps and teaming up with Looney Toon legends Bugs’s Bunny, Dafney …

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“Say What You Want… Just Don’t Say That” – Why Sports Commentary Is Dead

2015-07-14 11_31_32-ESPN Suspends Star Columnist Bill Simmons _ msnbc - YouTube

We all give out about commentators and analysts. They’re boring, their biased, they don’t understand the game, they’re there just because they played. Revulsion of Joe Brolly’s latest outburst or George Hook’s inanities is a national past time. In a land of blind monkeys, Gary Neville is the one-eyed monkey thanks to his ability to string two sentences together and …

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Five Dumber Injuries Than Rory McIlroy’s Ankle

Rory with a look of determination during the 2014 PGA Championships, his last Major Title

Rory McIlroy is coming in for some (well-deserved) stick today thanks to his ankle ligament tears during a friendly game of football. It’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t even rank among the most ridiculous off the field injuries to sport stars ever….. 5) The peril of the mid-air meal…. We’ve all had a dodgy experience with airline food at some stage, …

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A Greek Tragedy: Austerity and Sport in Greece

2004 Olympics

As Greece votes on its economic future, we look at the impact austerity has had on sport in the country In 2004 the Olympic Games triumphantly returned to its birth place in Greece. The Athens Games cost the Greek taxpayers €9 billion, then the most expensive Olympics ever held. Apart from the construction of stadiums and facilities, a new metro …

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Video: Sky Reporter Slobbered Over By Fan

sky sports reporter

Thankfully, no purple dildos were waved this time around. Sky correspondent Craig Slater was yesterday reporting from Silverstone, the venue for this week’s Formula 1 British GP. Many fans were there to soak up the sunshine and see the Sky F1 Show team complete filming. Factor in Wimbledon being shown on a big screen, alcohol consumption, and a live concert with Madness, …

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#TBT Hilarious F-Bomb Strewn Wayne Mardle Interview

The 1,000 yard stare

He doesn’t like losing, does our Wayne! Darts player and analyst Wayne Mardle is well known for his jovial nature, but this post-match interview – having lost to Co Stompe at The Masters Of Darts – shows a different side to Hawaii 501. At a tournament in the Netherlands back in 2005, Wayne was understandably upset about losing, but the Essex man was unaware …

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How The Cavs Won Game 3 & The Adjustments GSW Must Make

LeBron Cavs

Conor O’Mahony looks at how the Cavs won game three and the adjustments GSW must make.  _____ Cavs Defence On Steph Curry Watching Curry play in game 3 of the finals through the first three quarters, a thought began to form in my mind. Curry was playing like LeBron did in the 2011 NBA Finals vs the Dirk Nowitski-led Dallas …

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10 Sports Stars Who Became Musicians – Top Ten Thursday

2015-05-21 14_06_45-_Imagine_ Sung by Manny Pacquiao & Will Ferrell - YouTube

The Eurovision Song contest takes place this weekend, so as part of our weekly Top Ten Thursday series, here at Pundit HQ, we decided to compile ten occasions where the best of sport tried their hand at singing/rapping/screeching. ___ 10) Raymond van Barneveld, Co Stompe, Vincent van der Voort – Dutch Football Anthem The Dutch darts stars paid a hilarious tribute to …

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