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‘Conor McGregor Was Right About You’ – Cody Garbrandt Takes Aim At TJ Dillashaw

At that time it was merely a scuffle between an interim titlist and a promising youngster with just two UFC wins on his professional ledger. But things have changed a great deal since Conor McGregor and Cody Garbrandt came close to blows on an episode of The Ultimate Fighter season 22 back in 2015.

Now McGregor is a former UFC featherweight champion, who never actually lost the title inside the octagon, and the reigning UFC lightweight champion, not to mention MMA’s biggest star. While Garbrandt is the king of the UFC’s bantamweight division.

The statuses of the two belligerents isn’t the only thing that has changed significantly since the incident though.

Back in the summer of 2015, McGregor’s opposing TUF coach Urijah Faber and Garbrandt were still on good terms with then Team Alpha Male training partner T.J. Dillashaw, but the seeds had already been sown for the animosity that would later sprout. Dillashaw had continued to train under former TAM coach Duane Ludwig, though Ludwig had parted ways with the gym under less than amicable circumstances.

McGregor could see that things were tense in the TAM camp, so he chose to stir the pot with talk of betrayal and disunity.

“He’s a little snake in the grass,” the Irishman famously said of Dillashaw.

McGregor poked and prodded until somebody bit. And that somebody was Garbrandt.

Nowadays, Dillashaw is a member of Team Elevation in Colorado, having left Team Alpha Male in late 2015, and his relationship with Garbrandt, in particular, is a hostile one. The two have traded insults regularly through the media and a fight over the UFC’s 135-pound title seems inevitable.

In a recent interview with MMAFighting, however, Dillashaw claimed that Garbrandt is trying to avoid the intriguing showdown. In response, Garbrandt ensured fans that he has no intention of ducking the fight, before retrospectively agreeing with McGregor’s description of T.J. from all those months ago

When somebody pointed out how ironic it was that he once attacked McGregor for uttering those very words, Garbrandt denied that he had confronted ‘The Notorious’ one in defence of Dillashaw’s honour.

With near constant back-and-forth between the pair, Garbrandt vs Dillashaw is becoming a more and more appealing match-up by the day.

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