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Nate Diaz Blasts ‘F**ker’ Dana White For Lying About Offering Him Fights

Nate Diaz has turned his beef with the UFC and its president, Dana White up to 11 with a crude but defiant statement made through his Twitter account.

Nate Diaz and the UFC aren’t exactly on the best of terms right now. In fact, both Nate and his brother Nick are on something of a self-imposed hiatus at this moment and according to UFC President Dana White, have been rejecting fights left, right and centre in recent times.

Nate, who sprung to international fame after defeating the promotion’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor last year, has taken a stubborn stance on any future matchups, citing the fact that he feels that he went through most of his career underpaid and undervalued as the main reason for his inactivity.

The big money fights seem to be the only thing that will get the Diaz brothers out of bed and according to White, the fights that he has been offering to them just haven’t measured up.

Well, today, in a typically scathing attack made through his official Twitter account, Nate clarified the UFC head-honcho’s comments in what was a short but sweet response to White’s most recent statement.

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