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Jose Aldo Is Staying Ready Just In Case He Is Called Upon To Fight Conor McGregor On Short Notice

Jose Aldo knows a thing or two about withdrawing from fights due to injury, after all the Brazilian has pulled out of 5 bouts during his time with the UFC. To add to his misfortune, Aldo has also had 2 opponents drop out when they were scheduled to fight him.

Given this history, the former long-time featherweight champion is acutely aware of the fact that anything can and often does happen during fight camps. It was unsurprising then to hear the fighter’s head coach, Andre Pederneiras, say that Aldo is currently preparing himself for the possibility that he may be called upon to rematch Conor McGregor on short notice in the event that his countryman Rafael dos Anjos has to withdraw from his bout with “The Notorious” one, which is scheduled for March 5th at UFC 197.

Speaking to Brazilian MMA media outlet Portal do Vale Tudo, Pederneiras revealed that the 29-year-old’s obsession with the Irishman has led him back to the Nova Uniao gym, where he has already been putting in some light work in the hope that he will be handed a chance at redemption.

“That’s what he wants the most,” started Pederneiras. “He wants it so much that he’s already training conditioning, jiu-jitsu and boxing. Nothing too excessive, of course, but he wants to stay in shape. He’s not lazy. He will always be expecting that chance to get the fight on short notice, otherwise he might not get another chance. He’s got that notion in his mind so he’s staying active”.

The trainer also took yet another shot at the UFC higher-ups for their handling of recent events, and the fact that their decisions continue to highlight inconsistencies within the company’s championship policies.

“The UFC wants to be in control of the sport and still be a business. When you have a sport, you must have rules and those rules apply to John the same way the apply to Jack. So if John gets an immediate rematch because he’s a dominant champion, Jack deserves one too, if he has done the same things, no matter how ugly he is. But if you’re talking business, John can have his rematch because he sells way more than Jack. Treating the UFC as a sport and business at the same times will create problems. It already is”.

Translations courtesy of BloodyElbow.

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