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2-on-2 MMA Is Even Crazier Than It Sounds And America Better Be Ready For It

MMA isn’t yet legal in every state in America, but a man named Casey Oxendine thinks the country is ready for a 2-on-2 version of the sport.

Yesterday, Ben Fowlkes of mmajunkie.com, wrote a story about Oxendine and his attempts to get this strange version of mixed combat approved by various state athletic commissions.

According to Fowlkes, Oxendine was inspired by a Russian promotion that was hosting these four man free-for-alls. In fact, Oxendine had been involved in the repackaging of these events for American television, by providing English commentary. Now, however, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and former MMA fighter, is intent on gaining notoriety for his own league – Arena Combat.

So far the Tennessee native has been successful in convincing the South Carolina State Athletic Commission to approve the events, but the California State Athletic Commission recently turned down his application.

It is easy to see why the latter authority would be reluctant.

Not only does this madness involve 4 men attempting to pummel each other senseless, it also has rules in place that can bring about 2-on-1 scenarios. On top of that, the combat takes place on the strangest battlefield in the history of fight sports. The fighters are locked inside a cage, which also contains a variety of obstacles and platforms.

It is a truly surreal sight.

Check it out for yourselves. These clips are from the original Russian version.

In other news, coming soon to South Carolina, the newly approved, roller blade knife fighting.

According to mmafighting.com, Arena Combat’s next show takes place on September 26th and actually involves a former UFC fighter, Rodney Wallace, as well as two ex-Bellator MMA competitors.

If you want to read Fowlkes full article, and we recommend that you do, you can check it out here.

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