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Watch: Conor McGregor Expresses Relief That The Press Tour Is Over

After four exhausting days across three countries, the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor press tour came to an end in London on Friday night.

The events were not without their fair share of issues and controversy, but above all, it served its purpose of generating and promoting further interest in the fight in Las Vegas on August 26th.

In what is being billed by his website as his final interview before the fight itself, McGregor spoke to The Mac Life as he reflected on an eventful week, where he is at in terms of preparation for the bout and reflected on the differences between each night’s press event, and his relief that he can now concentrate on fighting.

In terms of the week itself, the UFC lightweight champion discussed the differences between the four nights, with Toronto on Wednesday night seemingly the standout for him – and while the next night in Brooklyn was heavily criticised and McGregor himself conceded that while there was not the same “pop” from the night itself, the iconic images that have come from it, in his view, made it worthwhile.

July 14th 2017, Wembley Arena, London, England; Mayweather versus McGregor London World Tour; Conor McGregor goes face to face with Floyd Mayweather during the  press conference  (Photo by Shaun Brooks/Action Plus via Getty Images)

He does concede, however, that he is glad to have it wrapped up, that he’s not sure if he could have done more than the four nights:

“I had fun with the whole thing, but it does get to me. If we’d have kept going I’d have probably been like ‘right, fuck it.’ I think that’s why I’m so buzzing right now because it’s wrapped, do you know what I mean? It’s done now.

“Now I get to do what I do, and that’s fucking fight. That’s what I do, at the end of the day. I’m a prize fighter.

“They were like concerts, weren’t they? They weren’t like normal things.”

As McGregor himself states, the time for talking is now over and all eyes will soon be firmly on Las Vegas for the fight in six weeks time.

The interview in full can be viewed below:

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