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Ireland’s Wax Museum Unveils Conor McGregor Waxwork That Looks Nothing Like Him

The National Wax museum in Temple Bar, Dublin has released its latest piece of work -a waxwork model of UFC lightweight champion and Dublin native Conor McGregor. 

The Museums marketing manager Laoise Keaveney has said:

“We are all excited to exhibit the new wax figure of Conor, particularly in light of the unprecedented level of worldwide attention being focused on his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather on Saturday 26th August.”

The wax statue’s resemblance to the “Notorious One”  has come under heavy criticism online as many have vented their frustration at the piece via social media. In which General Manager Ed Coleman responded:

“It’s the nature of the beast with social media. We take it in our stride. We’re not going to please everybody. We could take a picture of the actual Conor McGregor, put it up and say ‘This is the new waxwork’, and we’ll still get criticism for it not looking as good.”

Conor McGregor’s father Tony was in attendance at the unveiling and was reported to be quite satisfied with the character.

“He was very impressed and everyone who was there was very impressed with it,” said Coleman.

With the much-anticipated bout with Floyd Mayweather just 9 days away at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, it is the perfect time for anyone to produce something McGregor related. However, whether this is something that will enlighten McGregor or not is open to debate.

We will let you decide…

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