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Watch: A Lot Has Changed Since McGregor’s Dublin Stroll With Ariel Helwani

The name that cannot stay out of the headlines right now is Conor McGregor. Love him or hate him, the Dubliner’s life has changed in inspirational fashion over the past four years.  

Were McGregor to take a stroll around Dublin these days, it would almost become an event. The MMA fighter’s fame has grown at a rate of knots.

The 29-year-old’s fame seemed to really take off in late 2015 as the Dubliner defeated both Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo to become UFC featherweight champion.

But things weren’t always this way. Just four years ago, ‘The Notorious’ was collecting social welfare and working on a dream. In fact, even three years ago, things were different for McGregor.

With a growing fan base, the Crumlin man was gaining momentum within the UFC. Now having dragged the UFC back to Dublin as he predicted he would, McGregor was set to headline this card.

With just two wins under his belt in the UFC at this point, life wasn’t as hectic and he was free to roam the streets without any hassle.

Ariel Helwani of The MMA Hour decided to have the SBG fighter participate in an hour-long interview in which the pair would stroll around Dublin.

The change in the attitude of McGregor here also stands out. It’s clear that McGregor isn’t happy with just being in the UFC.

At this stage of his career, the Irishman was simply striving to achieve everything he has accumulated today. It’s quite nice to look back and see the man at the beginning of his journey.

Take a look at the fascinating interview below:

Video credit: MMAFightingonSBN

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