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‘What’s A Gobsh*te?’ – Conor McGregor Drops Second Instalment Of The 13th Jockey

After dropping a hilarious promo for the 13th jockey last week, Conor McGregor has just posted the second installment on his official Twitter account.

With Conor McGregor currently in the midst of a supposed 10 month career break, the Irishman is certainly managing to keep himself busy.

Having posted a hilarious promo for the Pegasus World Cup last week, McGregor just dropped the second instalment on his Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon.

Although the Irishman’s acting skills certainly leave a lot to be desired, part two is still well worth a watch and can be seen in the video below.

As part of the Pegasus promotional work, McGregor also recently posted several videos in which he took a pop at everyone, with the best jibes including lines like; “Quit watching cat videos in your mother’s basement and enter the sweepstakes. Just think, you could buy yourself a life.” and “I can smell you through the screen ya smelly bastard ya. Enter the contest and then take a shower, if you even remember how.”

You can also check out that video here.

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