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Watch: Jose Aldo Slams Conor McGregor’s Boxing Plans With Scathing, Yet Strangely Humble Remarks

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has taken yet another shot at his former conqueror Conor McGregor over the Irishman’s attempts to arrange a boxing super fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Ever since the Dubliner stunned the MMA world with his 13-second decimation of the long reigning champion at UFC 194 in December of 2015, Aldo has been consistently derogatory of McGregor’s every move.

Taking much pleasure from watching his foe lose to Nate Diaz at UFC 196, the Brazilian went quiet for McGregor’s redemptive rematch with Diaz at UFC 202 and again at UFC 205, where he destroyed Eddie Alvarez to become the promotion’s first simultaneous two-weight champion.

Following the Dubliner’s stripping of the featherweight belt in November last, Aldo, now restored as champion, has renewed the verbal onslaught of his foe as if he was never put to sleep by the Irishman at all.

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor

In his latest effort to insult the lightweight champion, Aldo (via AS) has accusing him of having ‘no idea’ what he is attempting to get himself into with Mayweather.

“When you get in a new world, I think you have to be aware of where you are treading, and I think he has no idea of what a boxing athlete is who have trained in it their whole lives.”

In a moment that is both humble and insightful, Aldo says:

“I was raised in jiu-jitsu, I have always fought in jiu-jitsu, but nowadays, if I go back to jiu-jitsu with the beasts that we have today, everyone will beat me.

“I’m not going to practice boxing and learn it in two months or a year.”

This statement follows Aldo’s more typical jibe at the Irish star, first accusing him of being disliked by everyone except the Irish, before then calling him a ‘piece of  s***’.

Classic Aldo.

Insults aside, does he actually make a good point or is he still just a bitter rival, still hurting from his embarrassing defeat at the hands of McGregor?

Take a look and decide.

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