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Watch: 2017’s Collection Of Amazing MMA Moments Proves How Special A Year It Was

2017 may not have been the most lucrative year in the history of the UFC, but there is no doubt that it did have some memorable moments that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

It really did appear as though 2017 was just going to be a down year for the UFC after a noticeable drop in quality in the year’s opening half but thankfully, despite the sheer amount of shows the promotion staged over the course of the 52-week period, some of the greatest moments in the promotion’s history were to be found in the closing months.

From UFC 217’s triple-header of title-changes to Max Holloway’s duo of victories against the legendary José Aldo, 2017 gifted us with some absolute gems. Stunning knockouts, amazing upsets and one otherworldly submission to break an all-time record on the part of Demetrious Johnson were enough to keep the fans glued to their screens all year and with 2018 now in full swing, the foundations have been set for a good one.

The video below compiles some of the greatest moments of last year and when you see it all in one go, it does wonders at proving exactly how special a time it was in the world’s premier mixed martial arts promotion.

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