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Conor McGregor Breaks Mould, Speaks Of Respect For Max Holloway

Conor McGregor took part in his first public interview since his loss to Floyd Mayweather last month and made some pretty noteworthy statements while doing so.

Humility and respect in the face of either defeat or victory is a mantra that many fighters – not only the UFC’s lightweight champion – hold to be true but with that being said, there has always been a dismissive edge to Conor McGregor when he speaks about those other fighters who are travelling on the same path as he is.

In his own eyes, he is Bruce Lee. He’s the ‘special’ martial artist of our time, light-years ahead of all others in the game, but while it’s easy to see how thinking like that would cause you believe that no one else is on your level, it’s a rare sight to see Conor give genuine praise to someone who seems to be making a bee-line directly towards him.

Max Holloway, who is just 25-years-old right now, found himself on the losing side of a unanimous decision when he faced off against McGregor about four years ago but since then, has managed to rack up eleven straight wins and nab himself the UFC’s featherweight title in the process.

Conor was forced to take the fight to the ground after enjoying a highly successful round-1 when his ACL tore midway through the fight’s three-round runtime.

Nevertheless, he was able to dominate the Hawaiian without much bother and though the layoff that came with his injury was a long one, he himself admits that it played a crucial in the near-bulletproof mindset that we now instantly associate with him as a champion.

Holloway, like McGregor, stole the featherweight belt away from the former-longtime champ José Aldo, and again – like McGregor – managed to finish the Brazilian in stunning fashion.

Now, with him sitting prettily atop the 145lb division, it would seem as though he would be tailor-made for some vicious comments from the quick-witted Irishman but funnily enough, McGregor – in his aforementioned fan event – chose to heap praise upon Holloway, giving him props for the way he rebounded from what is still his most recent loss as a professional mixed martial artist.

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