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Watch: Liam Dunne Interviews An Array Of Future Wexford Hurlers 22 Years Ago

Just over 22 years ago, a very young looking Liam Dunne interviewed some members of the successful Oulart-The Ballagh team who just won the Premier u-12 county championship.

The players that were interviewed that day were Rory Jacob, Keith Rossitter, Des Mythen and Stephen Doyle, but remarkably, all of the young players that Dunne interviewed that day in 1995 went on to represent Wexford at senior inter-county level, even Dennis Morthon, the young child who walks in mid-interview.

The players that Dunne interviewed would have progressed to playing with the 1996 All-Ireland winner throughout the 2000’s when Dunne was still an integral part of the Oulart-The Ballagh and Wexford senior team.

Also worth mentioning is that during Dunne’s managerial career, he also guided them same young players to relative success with Oulart-The Ballagh in the Wexford Senior Hurling Championship, as well as providing some great memories at inter-county level during his 2011-2016 reign.

Against their rivals Rathnure, the Oulart boys were victorious, but few would have expected those same players to be at the top 22 years later.

Now aged between 33 and 34, those same hurlers, namely Rory Jacob, Keith Rossitter and Des Mythen continue to represent the successful club in the Senior Championship.

On Sunday afternoon, those same players emerged victorious in the Wexford SHC semi-final which placed them into a title showdown against a St Martins team budding with youth and talent, and after the game Model County GAA’s Helen Fanning attempted to create that famous interview that has surfaced our internet screens lately.

Rory Jacob became Wexford’s go-to attacker for almost thirteen years up until his retirement in 2015, while Rossitter remained Wexford’s and Oulart’s pinnacle in defence throughout the same era. Although Mythen and Doyle’s inter-county careers did not last as long in comparison to their club counterparts, they remained integral parts of their club success providing skill and trickery that would torment any defence.

“They’ve more medals than us all put together,” Dunne joked, while Des Mythen stated that it was his fourth successive u-12 county medal.

With Oulart-The Ballagh after winning 10 out of the last 13 Wexford Championships, it’s quite evident that they had the right structures in place.

Jason Redmond, Pundit Arena. 

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