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‘Modern Footballers Are Completely Losing Touch With Reality’ – Filipe Luis

Former Chelsea defender and current Atletico Madrid star, Filipe Luis, has come out with some extremely strong comments about the state of modern football.

Having claimed the La Liga title in 2014 with a fraction of the budget of Barcelona and Real Madrid, Atletico is a side that has defined itself on character and hard work.

A man that embodies both is current left-back, Filipe Luis. The Brazilian international has had a massive impact under Diego Simeone in recent years and, although his time at Chelsea was relatively unsuccessful, he is still highly regarded across the footballing world.

Discussing his past, Luis explained his own struggles with alcohol and partying early on in his career. However, he also suggested that they pale in comparison to the attitude of ‘80%’ of today’s young players.

“I’m very lucky because, to quote, ‘I don’t work very hard’. There’s lots of pressure but few hours and I’m well paid.” he said speaking to Marca.

“And I do look around and see how regular people live. I know what goes on. So the least I can do is take it seriously, I would not change my job for the world.”

“Eighty percent [of players] live in a bubble, especially the young players.

“They believe that if they go around with a branded bag under their arm, 400 euro shoes and eight tattoos, that they will already be stars and that people will respect them.

“They forget the real world out there.”

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