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Football League: Time to take note

Most of the time, supporters of the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea struggle to see why the lower leagues can bring any excitement-Yes, clubs don’t pay extravagant amounts of money for players, and the players themselves don’t have high quality training facilities, but this is where some of the talents in the Premier League- the likes of Joe Hart …

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Arsene Wenger is effectively emptying his bowels all over Arsenal Football Club.

Arsene Wenger is not suited to the modern game and must leave Arsenal football club. Immediately.I make no apologies whatsoever for what you are about to read. Bayern Munich have just beaten Arsenal 3-1 at the Emirates and confirmed the inevitable reality that Arsenal will endure another trophy-less season. This has come as a ‘shock’ to Arsenal fans all over the world …

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Why The Transfer Market Has Gone Mad – Part III

In the third instalment of ‘Why The Transfer Market Has Gone Mad’ , Mark Maher from Cmon U R’s discusses ‘super-agents’ and the effect that they have had on modern-day football. Not just any agents, these “super agents”  are known to acquire the best possible deals for their clients. This causes some of the best footballing talent around the globe to snap them up …

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