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Tim Sherwood – The Delightfully Strange English Schoolboy

Tim Sherwood looks a little bit like Roy Hodgson’s long lost younger brother. They both have a bit of the wise owl about their face, and indeed Roy has the brains to back this up.

When traversing Europe, he managed in Sweden, France, Italy and Germany, learning each country’s respective language along the way. The only language he didn’t learn was Arabic when he managed UAE in 2002 – but let’s forgive him that. Good old Roy is a wise old owl.

Appearances are misleading though, and Sherwood instills less confidence on this front. After last week’s bizarre “I ain’t never felt this bad, ever”  [15 seconds in] comment, he’s come up with another golden egg of managerial weirdness.

In his post match interview after Aston Villa’s loss to West Brom this weekend, he actually spoke in the third person and made the bold claim:

Tim Sherwood is at his best when he is backed into a corner“.

In sports, it is usually only glamourous wrestlers and the occasional adrenalized fighters who self-aggrandize themselves in the third person. Sherwood is neither, but his communicative style certainly does have a strange, schoolboy charm.

It’s early days, but with Aston Villa just one point above the relegation zone, they better hope Tim Sherwood is at his best when he is backed into a corner.

Otherwise they might never feel as bad as they will do. Ever.

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