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Picture: Garth Crooks Has Been Playing Too Much Football Manager

Garth Crooks is a classic chunk of comical punditry, our sweet, license-fee-funded melted blob of slightly askew football facts and opinions.

He once spent a minute on live TV advocating Brazil’s 4-2-1-3-1 formation without realising that makes 12 men, and now he’s made another formation mishap.

In his recent Team of the Week, he’s gone for a 3-1-3-2-1 setup; or as I used to call it on my Football Manager experiments, The Penetrator.

Garth Crooks

Picture: BBC.com

Looking at this, it’s not difficult to assume Garth has been playing a bit too much of the game himself. He’s included Son Heung Min, Callum Wilson, Anthony Martial, Odion Ighalo and Jamie Vardy.

Not to mention a flat back three. That’s right, just get five decent strikers, three solid central defenders and build your team around that, mate.

Next England manager?

Joseph Hobbs, Pundit Arena

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