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Watch: Joe Rogan Insists He Won’t Do Commentary For McGregor V Mayweather Fight – Floats Hilarious Alternate Plan

The worlds of MMA and boxing are engrossed in the prospect of a Conor McGregor – Floyd Mayweather boxing super fight but top MMA commentator and all-round hard man Joe Rogan insists he has no interest in doing the commentary on the fight.

Speaking on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, it was put to Rogan by Brendan Schaub that if a fight were to scheduled would he be interested in doing the commentary?

Almost surpringly, the veteran UFC commentator emphatically stated he had absolutely no interest in doing any such thing, despite Schaub’s insistence that the fight will need someone with MMA experience and knowledge of McGregor on the mic.

Refuting his guest’s argument, Rogan asserted he would rather be watching it and getting drunk with his friends.

Furthermore, he put forward the tantilising suggestion that they ought to broadcast their own live broadcast of the fight, where they get ‘hammered’ and give fans an alternate commentary that they can choose from.

Using his ‘Fight Companion’ program as a model for this idea, he insists it would be ‘epic’  and ‘way more fun’ if he, Schaub and co get ‘drunk and stoned’ and run a live feed to accompany the fight.

Take a look.

Video Credit: Joe Rogan

It is certainly hard not to get wrapped up in Rogan’s idea. Like giving people a ‘Spanish option’ to choose from, it would be a fantastic option to have a ‘Fight Companion’ option to turn into live.

Watch this space, there may be something in this idea.

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