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Former Boxing World Champion Claims Conor McGregor “Knocked Out” In Sparring

The veracity of this statement from the ex-WBO welterweight champ can’t be verified, but the claim has been made that Conor McGregor’s preparation for his bout with Floyd Mayweather isn’t going too well.

Jessie Vargas told villainfy media of what he’s been told in the ‘small circle’ of the boxing world, namely that debutant Conor McGregor was knocked out while training for his August 26 fight with Floyd Mayweather.

He gave Floyd Mayweather the upper hand in both the trash-talk and the fight itself, before dropping the potential bombshell.

“He’s been knocked out in sparring already”, Vargas told the interviewer.

“The boxing world is small. It’s a small circle.”

The Californian gave no insight as how it happened or where his source originated, so it’s worth taking his claim with a mine full of salt.

Vargas left Mayweather Promotions in 2012 to join Top Rank Boxing, but has been present throughout the Mayweather/McGregor promotional tour this week, and was pictured alongside ‘The Money Team’.

Similar rumours surfaced last October in the build-up to McGregor’s UFC 205 title challenge against Eddie Alvarez. Team McGregor outright denied the story, with its source eventually climbing down from the allegation.

The video comes via villainfy media on YouTube.

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