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Charlie is a climber and skier who lives in Austria but maintains a long distance relationship with the English and World rugby scenes.

José Mourinho Will Bring Success To Manchester United, But It’ll Likely Be A Short Reign

His man management rarely hints at long-term thinking, but José Mourinho is clearly a man with a plan. During his time in Milan and Madrid he often spoke of how he would one day return to England and, even further in the future, manage his beloved Portugal. This constant talk of the ‘Great Return’, plus his shameless hero worshipping of Sir Alex Ferguson, led …

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The Secret And Essential Ingredient For Success In Football Today Is Charisma


Think of the best managers in the world and what unites them? Tactical understanding? A boring answer but probably correct. Passion? No more so than many fans. Charisma? Absolutely. Charisma comes in many guises but it is the one characteristic that all great managers share. Jurgen Klopp walked into Anfield last year and the whole feeling in Liverpool, both the club and the city, …

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English Rugby’s Future Looks Bleak

As the world’s best coaches queue up to rule themselves out of the England job, it’s hard to argue that English rugby has never been at a lower ebb than it currently finds itself. The problem that the RFU faces in addressing this is that the proposed solutions – southern-hemisphere coach, celebrity review committee, selecting players who play in France, …

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New Zealand: The Winning Machine

To make a difficult skill look easy is to be a true master of it. In claiming this year’s World Cup, New Zealand have mastered the simplest yet most difficult and elusive skill of all; winning. The good news for them is that they are uniquely positioned to continue this mastery for at least the next World Cup cycle because …

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