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I teach sport studies and coach rugby in Hampshire.

Doping In Sport Back Under The Spotlight As Olympic Games Approach

The most surprising thing about the ongoing Russian drug scandal is that people seem surprised. Sport moves from one drugs exposé to the next, with each being labelled the most shocking yet. The federations involved make the right noises about getting their houses in order before WADA pleads for more money in order to catch the endless stream of cheats. Media commentators write …

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Opinion: The First Overseas Premier League Fixture Is Only Years Away

As clubs prepare for the new season with meaningless exhibitions in exotic locations, it is time to explore the idea of the Premier League playing its first league fixtures overseas. The United States leads the way when it comes to sports rights and marketing. Having grown their major sports fully at home, they have aggressively targeted the international market, with Tokyo the …

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Opinion: Regular Rule Changes Could Reinvigorate Football As We Know It

Most sports, having held a tournament as boring as the 2016 European Championships, would be having serious discussions and debate about rule changes. Football, however, isn’t most sports. Basketball was struggling for an audience in 1950s America due to ultra-defensive play. Sound familiar? The response was to introduce the 24 second shot clock, forcing teams to shoot the ball or …

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